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Membership Price - Important info

During first quarter of 2015, the price of membership boosts for new members and people who've been unsubscribed for than a fortnight. In the end haven’t finalised the date for your increase or even the exact pricing yet, we wanted to inform you of this right.
For anyone who is part once the price rise happens, you'll see no change. You'll stay at your price provided that your active membership started ahead of the date of the price rise. This applies for many previous grandfather rates, for those of you who've been subscribed for a long time.

When your membership end, you'll keep any price reduction you're eligible for, providing you resubscribe within a fortnight. After that, though, you may be gone to live in the modern price.Premier Club sign-ups will open from 1st of December, that offer a great way to lock away your membership price and grab a tremendous pack of rewards as you are at it.Offering big plans for RuneScape in 2015, as Mod Mark showed you at RuneFest, and we'll be putting more power than ever before into the hands - growing your most popular ideas as content updates.

Above all, our aim would be to keep supplying you with awesome RuneScape content, as well as the best value for ones membership.Lost Capital of scotland - the Elves Opens Its Gates
Runescape players can now type in the entire Lost Town of the Elves, Prifddinas. The town first opened its gates in September for a latest update, your entire city can be purchased for player exploration.RuneScape gold. Prifddinas specifically caters to the dangerous Runescape player community with several features that can only be found here.

Clan Ithell allows players to unlock the ancient art of crystal singing in which songs enable the crafting of crystal tools -- with special skilling effects -- consumable teleport items, and attuned crystal weapons.
If you are needing something more physical, head inevitable to Clan Hefin to select from a new agility course to try out your prowess and unlock new emotes and cosmetic outfits.
Intrepid adventurers can discover new dungeons at Clan Meilyr offering an array of skilling locations, monsters to fight and rewards to discover.

Next comes Clan Amlodd that has a new summoning familiar for players to generate, which grants a number of upgrades for the divination skill. The clan also offers new rewards for that popular pastime -- impling catching.Finally, the Voice of Seren, the living heart with the city, has become fully active, giving two clan houses boosted training opportunities. However, it's approximately players to exercise which two houses are blessed that way at any time.

Easiest way for getting Gold Fast in Runescape Game

A high level enthusiastic participant in the  MMORPG that this Guinness World-Records has named the hottest game to use kind you then’re probably in search of RuneScape tips which help it simple for that you get-rich fast.


With over 15-million free accounts that are active, at the very least hundreds of RuneScape players may very well be online when it reaches this very minute all going to make full use of their utmost RuneScape tricks to acquire prior to game. For getting money to order tools you better head-through to Lumbridge to destroy many chickens so their feathers might be sold by you and have enough cash to begin your pursuit.


Among optimum RuneScape tricks using your talent or capabilities whenever you can to get including in mining ore trains more experience. You may get more rock once your ability level has improved. Boosting your skills in fishing and wood-cutting may enable you to get recycleables that you can easily process into additional things. Chances are you'll likewise be able to use additional abilities in cooking while processing the garbage.


It's important as possible to recover as many garbage therefore it is possible to process them directly into things that you may use or even market to other players for a gain. You could start exploration iron-ore that you could sell at 100gp per ore if you have a pickax away then. Practically the most best runescape tips accessible to entrants is in order to raise rocks to improve your mining level. It’s advisable to look into the selection of ore prior to using your axe being found.

Runescape : Botters Beware!

Jagex has announced a different initiative directed at stopping the actions of rampant RuneScape botters. Players caught having a bot program will be warned twice along with having their avatar altered to indicate their guilt.

RuneScape gold. Whenever they typically change, are going to banned to some new location called "Botany Bay" where they are judged by their fellow players.

Throughout the botter's trial players will be provided the opportunity to vote on their own favourite means of disposal with the bot, including being stomped upon by way of dragon and blasted in a ray on the RuneScape gods.  Players are likewise capable of show their displeasure by pelting the bot with rotten fruit but they await their votes to become counted.

Gatherer's cape

The Gatherer's cape can be an Expert cape of Accomplishment that shows the wearer has achieved level 99 in multiple related skills. For that Gatherer's cape these skills are Divination, Farming, Fishing, Hunter, Mining and Woodcutting.

To discover the Gatherer's cape, players must train such skills beyond level 99 so as to acquire a skill shard for every skill. Once one shard per skill has been obtained, players can combine those to produce a Gatherer's cape, and a matching cosmetic hood. The shards needed for the gatherer's cape will be the wooden, damp, mineral, trapped, balanced and cultivated shards.

The Gatherer's cape has got the same stats for ordinary skillcape, and is also competent at boosting its associated skills to level 100 for a while of your energy.

Trahaearn Clan

The Trahaearn Clan are one of the eight elven clans who had been originally brought to Gielinor from Tarddiad by Guthix and Seren in the early First Age. They're skilled in metalwork, being blacksmiths and miners. The metalworkers are led by Lady Trahaearn.

Top features of the clan area in PrifddinasEdit
Seren stone
The central subject of this clan section boasts a mine full of 2 Rune rocks, 8 Adamant and Coal, 6 mithril, and 8 Gem rocks having a rare chance of receiving onyx, dragonstone, or summoning gems. There's use of a fresh mine that has a nearby bank chest.
Seren stones could be mined by players with at least 89 Mining. They provide the fastest mining experience with game, whilst giving corrupted ore to smelt for Smithing xp.
A furnace and anvil relatively near bank chest.
Mining 100 corrupt ore unlocks the title "from the Trahaearn".
Speaking with Lady Trahaearn after smithing 100 corrupted ore provides a smithing XP lamp.
Gem rocks, with good chance of giving spirit gems.
Coal, mithril, adamantite and runite rocks
A tree patch
Workers to pickpocket (95 Thieving), loot includes coins, ore, bars, Dwarven stouts (m), plus much more.

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